Translation – patents

With their own specific vocabulary and style, patent translations are unique. They require pinpoint accuracy, flawless consistency and in-depth subject-specific knowledge. That means you’ll need an expert translator who’s been fine-tuning these skills for years.

I’ve translated countless sets of claims and full patent specifications in the fields of electronics, control technology, and mechanical and electrical engineering in general, so your translations in these innovation-heavy fields will be in the right hands. Send me your file and get a quote here.

Translation – patent litigation

A rival company has opposed your patent and submitted arguments in French, German or Spanish. You need to craft the perfect counter-arguments to defend those vital IP rights, but to do that you first need to fully understand what they're actually arguing. That’s where I come in.

My crisp, sharp writing style and extensive knowledge of patent law mean I can convey your rivals’ reasoning clearly and precisely. My translations have already helped many companies like yours with their oppositions and appeals, so join them and get in touch here.


Already had your patent translated into English? Then now’s the time to have it reviewed to ensure there are no errors. Send the translation to me and I’ll check it against the original for accuracy, consistency, grammar and spelling. And I’ll make sure the document reads exactly as it should, as if you’d written it yourself.

Perhaps you usually take care of revisions yourself. But why not use my services and free up your time for other tasks? My current clients use my revision services time and again because they know they’ll always get a polished final product.

Editing and proofreading

A document has landed in your inbox and needs a final read-through before it’s published, but you’ve got a million other things to do. Or maybe several colleagues have contributed to the same English document and you need to ensure it speaks to your audience in one clear, natural voice.

I can help you here too. So whether it’s a quick spelling, grammar and layout check or full edit that you need, upload your file here and let’s discuss your project.