Get on-the-money patent translations that never slow down your filing process

Robust quality control for translations you can trust

Specialist knowledge to minimise briefing time

A partnership approach for successful projects

Ask me anything (about your translation, that is)

4 steps to filing-ready patent translations you can trust

1. Getting started - the easy handover

My briefing and handover processes not only speed up your translation, but cut revision time later on.

  • You send over your document via email or my website
  • We discuss any preferences in terms of terminology and wording
  • You confirm your formatting requirements and dates for delivery
  • We agree whether we discuss queries as we go, or on delivery

2. Your specialist patent translation

Your patent goes through three stages of translation. I complete each stage on a different day, allowing important space for reflection and improvement. This makes sure you get a perfectly accurate, clear and consistent translation.

  • Stage 1 starts with research and ends with a sound first draft. I study the technology to be protected and carry out background research into terminology. Then I produce a first draft translation of the full patent.
  • Stage 2 is my first review of the draft. I focus on correct interpretation, context and wording. We now have a near-perfect translation.
  • Stage 3 is all about refining the detail. I look at grammar, punctuation and nuances in word choice.

3. Robust revision and quality checks

To make sure your translation is completely accurate, clear and consistent, I work with a trusted second specialist who reviews for precision, grammar, context and terminology.

Then I run my own manual QA checks, followed by an automated review by PerfectIt, a leading proofreading and editing software.

This means there’s never any need for lengthy revisions.

Finally, I format your translation according to your instructions, including a DTP of any translated drawings

4. Delivery on time

I deliver your translation on time via email, password protected if requested.

If I have any outstanding queries, I provide simple notes both within the document and in the email, which you can address easily.

You get a quick response to any feedback, revisions or queries along the way. I implement any final revisions by return of email, and you receive your translation, ready to file.

Send me your document today and I’ll get straight back to you