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I translate complex patents into English ready for IP attorneys to file with confidence

  • Catherine Besendahl, discover legal GmbH
    Dean's translations are always outstanding. He has a wealth of expertise in patent translations.
    Catherine Besendahl, discover legal GmbH
    90-page nullity proceeding translation for German law firm and IP client

Translating the technology of tomorrow

It can be hard to find a translator with specialist patent knowledge, who understands the filing process and delivers error-free translations every time.

Often something falls short, with inconsistencies in wording or late delivery, and you end up settling for a mediocre service in the face of pending deadlines.

I believe it should be easier than that. I believe you should be able to count on accurate translations that are delivered on time.

By focusing on mechanical and electrical engineering patents, I’ve developed industry-specific expertise, which means I can produce exactly what you need with minimal briefing and revision time.

My proven processes make working with me easy so that filing high-quality patent translations with confidence becomes something you can take for granted.

And that’s how it should be.

Let’s chat about how I can help.

Hi there. I’m Dean, MA, MITI.

I’ve been a professional translator since 2013 and launched my freelance translation business in 2017. Since then I’ve translated, revised and edited over 4 million words.

I work with international IP attorneys to deliver English patent translations that meet their high standards as well as their deadlines.

Niche IP knowledge for specialist translations

Patent translators form a small and specialist club – there aren’t many of us – and I’ve developed an in-depth knowledge of patent wording, legal terminology, and the filing process itself.

Engineering and electronics patents are my bread and butter – the more complex the better – and as part of my commitment to professional development, I actively look for opportunities to deepen my knowledge about the technologies involved.

Specialist patent translators work skillfully within the boundaries of clarity and protection, and this is where my expertise gives you the best possible result.

I look at each translation like a puzzle, piecing together the best-fitting, most precise and concise wording to create a polished translation ready for filing.

Robust quality control for error-free documents

Once drafted, your specialist patent translation goes through a revision by a second specialist, my own robust QA checks, and – for belt and braces level peace of mind – I run it through the leading proofreading software.

While this usually means revisions are minimal, by dealing directly with me, you get an answer to any queries, and your amendments implemented, as soon as you need them.

Professional service for punctual delivery

I enjoy long-term relationships with my clients who come back to me regularly.

They tell me it’s not just for my IP knowledge in these complex, innovation-heavy fields, or my track record of meeting deadlines, but just as importantly, for my professional and friendly approach.

In fact, some of my most regular clients have been working with me since the very beginning.

I’m one of life’s helpers, love the intricacies of language and am never bored by new technology. Turns out, that’s a pretty good recipe for a specialist patent translator.

My contribution to the profession

Patent translation speaker to ITI legal network (Institute of Translating and Interpreting).

Panel member at the ITI's conference, 2021.

Member of the ITI's Professional Development Committee.

Coordinator of the ITI's French Network.

Patent text selection for French to English ITI qualification exams.

More about me?

Fun facts 101:

My friends like that:

  • I’m always on time.

Something not many people know about me:

  • I’m a beginner Latin and ballroom dancer, and I love it.
  • I’m a northerner (but sadly, the accent has all but disappeared).

When I’m not working, I’m:

  • Down at the allotment, getting my hands dirty.
  • Winning Playing strategic board games.
  • Travelling abroad.
  • Running (reluctantly) around the roads and parks of Tunbridge Wells.

The Serious Stuff

Professional Development & Training

HBK Technology Days 2022, including:

Electric Vehicle Battery Modelling and Powertrain Testing
Reliability of Electric Systems and Fault Tree Analysis

Live streams of European Patent Office oral proceedings

Electrical Engineering – Sensing, powering and controlling (University of Birmingham)

Battery Storage: Understanding the Battery Revolution (InnoEnergy)

Keep calm, and keep up: German to English translation in the technology sector (ITI)

Identifying and dealing with source language interference (ITI)

  • Priory Translations
    Dean combines a professional approach with a friendly and responsive manner and excellent communication skills.
    Priory Translations
    Mechanical & electrical engineering patent translations from German and French into English
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