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  • Translations Manager, IP Law Firm UK
    The standard of Dean’s translation work is excellent and is delivered on time, with fast response to queries and a willingness to go the extra mile. All the qualities you want in a freelance translator.
    Translations Manager, IP Law Firm UK
    German-English patent translations for electric motor and inverter manufacturer
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Put an end to mediocre translations as the acceptable norm

At the beginning of your project, we take time to discuss terminology and define wording preferences so that the translation process runs smoothly.

You always deal with me directly and get a quick response to any queries. Giving feedback is as simple as replying to an email or picking up the phone, and means your instructions never get missed.

For extra peace of mind, I work with a trusted second revision specialist and carry out robust QA checks on all my translations.

All this means that high-quality, filing-ready translations, delivered on time, become your new acceptable norm.

Patent translations

Patent claims, Specifications, Priority documents, Patentability reports, Prior art

My niche knowledge and experience of patent law means you never have to worry about the quality and accuracy of your client’s patent translation.

Specialising in electronics, control technology, and mechanical and electrical engineering, I stay up to date by attending industry seminars, training and conferences.

I’ve been translating patent specifications for Global IP law firms since 2013, including several years of regular English editing work, which means I understand industry terminology, the filing process and your deadline pressures.

My experience translating patents and understanding the relationship between clarity and protection means your clients’ IP is never at risk.

Patent litigation

Notices of opposition or appeal, Grounds of opposition or appeal, Arguments and citations, Board or court decisions, Office actions

Patent litigation can be stressful and time-consuming, without having to worry about the quality of your document translation.

My specialist understanding of the concepts at play in patent disputes means my translations tell you exactly what your opponent is claiming.

I set out a claimant’s reasoning clearly and concisely so you can craft your arguments to defend your client’s IP rights with confidence (not wondering if anything critical has been lost in translation).

Patent revision

Get expert eyes on a patent that’s already been translated.

I review your translation for errors against the original, focusing on accuracy, consistency, grammar and spelling.

You get a high-quality translation that reads correctly, with the right industry phraseology and wording, all ready for filing.

My patent revisions save you time and worry, not just on the revision process, but on unwanted delays due to unclear, inconsistent or incorrect patent wording.

Editing and proofreading

Need peace of mind that your document is 100% ready for publishing?

With deadlines looming, it’s tempting to review the document yourself, but that’s not the best use of your time.

Whether it’s a check on accuracy or grammar, spelling or layout, or a review for consistency of tone, I’m at the other end of an email ready to get started.

Send it, then forget about it while I edit and proofread. You’ll get your document back accurate, ready to be published, and on time to meet your deadlines.

All I need is the document, quick instructions and a timeframe.

Send me your document. Get your free quote. It’s that easy.

Specialist fields


Mechanical drives / Machine tools / Clutches and braking systems / Conveyor systems / Closure systems / Extruders / Soldering systems / Food preparation machines / Domestic appliances

Electronics & Electricals

Plug connectors / Control and automation / Radar and sensor systems / Optical systems / Vehicle electrical distribution systems / Autonomous driving / Simulation systems / Machine learning / Semiconductors


See if there’s an answer below to help. Or get in touch to talk about anything else.

1How soon can you deliver?
It depends on each project. My usual translation output is 2500-3000 words a day, depending on complexity. Revisions and editing are around three times faster. The easiest thing is to send me your document and I’ll get straight back to you with a realistic deadline.
2How do you charge for your work?
I charge per project. I review your document(s) and send you a proposal with the full cost of your translation, revision or editing project.
3Can I see samples of your work?
Because of the highly confidential nature of patent translations, I can’t share specific samples. However, please take a look at my portfolio, which includes case studies with more details on typical projects that I work on, along with testimonials from happy clients.
4Do you work with machine translation?
Generally, no, as there are confidentiality issues with using machine translation platforms – in some cases the data is stored by the provider to be used in the machine. However, it can be a time-saving tool, so if a deadline is particularly tight we can discuss whether it would be suitable on an exceptional basis.
  • Dean’s translations are consistently of high quality and delivered on time, despite large volumes and tight deadlines. He is always professional, responsive and responsible.
    Maria Karagianni, Service Manager, Amplexor
    Technical regulation translations for the European Commission German/French/Spanish to English

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