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Precisely protect your clients’ IP

Minimise time spent on briefing and revisions

Always meet your filing deadlines

Translations from German, French and Spanish to English

  • Liam Kinney, Alexika Ltd
    Dean’s immense knowledge and evident experience in this field shone through, as did his deep understanding of the subject matter. He delivers high-quality patent translations each and every time.
    Liam Kinney, Alexika Ltd
    Patent and patent litigation translations from German and French into English
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It’s not just a translation. It’s your peace of mind.

You need your client’s new patent translated accurately, on time, and ready to file. Simple enough, you’d think.

But often mistranslations, inconsistencies and wrong terminology get in the way, leading to lengthy revisions, doubts about protection and delays in your filing process.

Your client’s IP rights are too important to jeopardise, so if you have to spend time and money retranslating, you will.

My clients never have to retranslate or worry about missing deadlines.

I’m well-versed in the complexities of patent wordings, understand the importance of protecting IP and always deliver within your timeframes.

This means you get more than just a high-quality translation, you get the peace of mind that comes with having complete confidence in your translator.

And a grateful client to boot.

Specialist translator. Flawless translations.

Hi, I’m Dean, MA, MITI.

I’ve been a professional translator since 2013, including several years of regular English editing work in the IP field.

Since then, I’ve become the go-to translator for engineering and electronics patent translations.

My skill in translating a patent’s delicate balance of clarity and protection gives you the best possible results every time.

You always get a professional and friendly service and, by working directly with me, your instructions, as well as your deadlines, never get missed.

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Patent Translation Services

Patent translations

Protect your clients’ IP with high-quality translations from a specialist engineering patent translator.

Proven processes and a friendly service give you filing-ready translations on time, every time.

Patent litigation

Stress-free patent litigation translations that tell you exactly what your opponent is claiming.

Clear and concise specialist translations mean you can craft your arguments with confidence.

Patent revision

Expert revision and opinion on a patent translated elsewhere.

Revision for accuracy, consistency and industry-specific wording gives you the reassurance of a high-quality translation.

Editing and proofreading

Make sure your document is 100% ready for publishing.

Checks for accuracy, grammar, spelling, consistency and tone give you a polished document ready for publishing.


Top quality translations without the painstaking revisions

After translating hundreds of mechanical and electrical engineering patents, I’ve developed proven processes that take us from original patent to filing-ready translation in a few simple steps.

My niche industry knowledge, quick response times, and robust quality control mean revisions are minimal, regardless of the complexity of the patent.

You get my specialist attention and expertise on your project from beginning to end, giving you consistently accurate translations that are always delivered on time.

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    • Dean delivers top-quality work on time, is quick to reply to any queries and is always willing to discuss specific requirements or points of difficulty.
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      Mechanical & electrical engineering patent translations from German and French into English