My services are focused on four different areas - find out more below

Patent translation

I translate all manner of patent-related documents – claims, full specifications, office actions, notices of opposition, grounds for appeal, EPO or national court decisions – covering all your validation, foreign filing and litigation needs. I have particular expertise in the fields of mechanics, electrical engineering, electronics, and control and automation. Having translated literally thousands of patent documents, I’m well aware of the need for pinpoint accuracy and consistency. So, your translation and your intellectual property rights will be in the right hands.


I undertake bilingual revisions of translated documents. A reviser’s job is to spot errors in accuracy, grammar and spelling, while making sure the text is suitable for the target audience. You might usually do this yourselves, but why not send it over to me and free up your time for other tasks? Like my current clients, you can always rely on me to provide a polished final product.

Editing and proofreading

Picture this: a document has landed in your inbox and needs a final language check before being published, but you’ve got a million other things to do. Or maybe several colleagues have had a hand in drafting a document in English and you need it editing to ensure it speaks to your company’s target audience in one clear, natural voice. This is where I can help. So, whether you need a quick spelling and grammar check or full editing, upload your file here, and let’s discuss your project.

Financial translation

Besides patents, I am also well versed in financial texts, particularly annual reports, sales prospectuses and key investor information documents, market reviews, press releases and business correspondence. With my “crisp, well-thought-out writing style”, I convey your message precisely and compellingly to open up your business to an English-speaking audience. Get in touch here to discuss your requirements.