Dean Evans MA, MITI

Freelance patent translator working from French, German and Spanish to English, specialising in electrical and mechanical engineering and patent litigation.
Need an English patent translator you can rely on for all your EPO validation or PCT filing requirements? Then read on to find out more about the value I can bring to your firm.

I speak your language

Having to correct terminology in a translation you’ve paid for is frustrating and a waste of your valuable time. Every translation you receive should be publication-ready, but sadly I hear this story all too often.
That’s why you should work with me, an expert freelance patent translator who's spent years honing his skills and specialist knowledge. My clients used to have trouble finding reliable translators in my specialist fields, but with me they know they’ll receive superior translations every time.

Zero delays

I know that deadlines are paramount in IP. An unnecessary delay at this stage could mean you miss a priority deadline or maybe a deadline for submissions in an opposition case – that’s the last thing you need.
Working with me, that’s not something you’ll have to worry about. You set the deadline; I’ll stick to it. Together we’ll keep your vital applications and litigation right on schedule.

Professional service

Waiting hours or even days for responses to your messages gets tiresome. Wouldn’t it be nice if your translation service just ran a bit more smoothly? Then cut out the middle man and work directly with me.
My current clients – from top UK patent firm Marks & Clerk to the European Patent Office – greatly appreciate having me at the other end of the phone, ready to deal with any queries and ready to get straight to work. They’ve come to value my professional service, and you will too. Visit my services page to find out more.